The Schoeneberger Kiez (neighbourhood) is known as the “Regenbogenkiez” (rainbow neighbourhood), especially because of its world-famous gay-lesbian* scene with an unparalleled nightlife.

We are the Schöneberg citizens’ initiative KiezCare e.V. Berlin: An association of neighbours, innkeepers, hotels, shops, artists, web designers, initially from the gay gastronomy. We live/work in this neighborhood and are committed to the quality of life in our neighborhood.

Trouble in the “Kiez”?

It is a fact of life that there are also criminals, especially in big cities. Unfortunately, however, our lively and cosmopolitan queer Bermuda triangle, traditionally a shelter area from homophobia, intolerance and violence, seems to magically attract bands of thieves right now.

Residents, tradesmen and tourists, men, women, LGBTI*, queers, young and old have long been equally affected. Now it is usually no longer marauding young individual perpetrators who make life difficult for us, but well-organized gangs of thiefs are now also active in the area.

What to do?

Due to increasing incidents in the area around Berlin-Schöneberg’s Nollendorfplatz, politicians and authorities are dependent on the direct help of local residents and businesses. Discussions about safety in the area around Motzstraße made this obvious.

However, the possibility of direct, simple notifications of assaults was still missing. Up to now it was only possible for a victim to decide between calling the police or contacting victim victim counselling such as the “gay robbery hotline” at Maneo. Sometimes the whole effort understandably does not want. But ignoring the incident altogether doesn’t help anyone.

We as the neighbourhood are now aware that another information channel is needed and now offer the following solution:


We now offer a direct, cross-group, trustworthy information channel on the Internet. The online report form is uncomplicated, easy to call up with a smartphone and can be used anonymously.

On the basis of these collected reports, the police can pick up specific hotspots and implement more checks and patrols there. Technical measures at hotspots (e.g. more light in certain entrances/shop windows) are also conceivable.

The aim is to improve the danger situation and make it more difficult for criminals to act freely.

Every report helps the neighbourhood. Join in!

our new platform to report incidents:

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