We commemorate our neighbour, artist, philosopher, philanthropist and activist Rudolf zur Lippe.

We got to know and appreciate Rudolf zur Lippe, emeritus professor of philosophy, artist and philanthropist, first through his paintings in the Werkstatt Gallery and later through his incredible Schöneberg district project “Beauty against Violence”: With baroque opera music by Handel and Purcell, he, together with the gallery and the “Stiftung Forum der Kulturen” Foundation, succeeded in counteracting the criminal activities of a gang, who in recent years have made “our” place at the corner of Eisenacher Strasse and Fuggerstrasse impassable for residents, with a positive energy of the most beautiful kind, namely through art and music. Rudolf Prinz zur Lippe died on 6.9.2019.

Anti-Semitism Reports in Berlin

Since we accept evidence of hate crime, we now also receive evidence of anti-Semitic attacks in Berlin. Unfortunately, this type of crime does not fall within our range of tasks, we would like to refer to another Berlin platform in general…

All of Berlin!

After a one-year test phase in Schöneberger Kiez we offer our service for the whole city of Berlin. Local communities are welcome to come to us and receive materials, information and local support. The focus of our work remains the measurement of gang crime and homophobia.

1 Jahr safeplace

1 Year Safeplace.berlin Website & App! - Improvements in the neighborhood are already clearly noticeable. Various resident initiatives have been launched and the police are very committed. The mayor of the district is listening. These are small successes that we are pleased about.

New website

We’re growing up. The association gets a new website in August/September step-by-step, in order to be able to create the many new requirements. Members will receive special access and will be able to participate more actively in the future.


We are the Schöneberg citizens’ initiative KiezCare e.V. Berlin: An association of neighbours, innkeepers, hotels, shops, artists, web designers. We live/work in this area and are committed to it. Wir bieten nun einen unmittelbaren, gruppenübergreifenden, vertrauenswürdigen Informationskanal im Internet. Das Online-Berichtsformular ist unkompliziert, einfach mit dem Smartphone aufzurufen und anonym nutzbar.